About Us

Big Spring Media was formed to provide an affordable and friendly alternative to purchasing and creating your small business’s own website and social media endeavors.  We understand that running a small business can be stressful and that adding a website that must be constantly kept up to date and successfully running your social media campaigns can compound that stress.  That is why we offer simple and affordable media plans that work into any small business budget.

What is Social Media and Building An Online Presence All About?

For many small businesses with no advertising budget, social media is the sole means of marketing. It is far easier to set up and update a Facebook page, Twitter account, and Google Place page than to maintain a website. And because small-business owners tend to work at the cash register, not in a cubicle in the marketing department, these social media options will suit your small business well.

Most small businesses get most of their business through word of mouth, and services like Facebook and Twitter are the online version of this tested method of getting business. We can help you setup and show you how to successfully use these social media tools to benefit your small business, while also creating a website for you business that you will look great and you will never have to worry about.

A Little About Us

So you want to know who’s behind the team at Big Spring Media. Well, the first part of the team is us. The other part is the small businesses we serve, the thousands of small businesses across Missouri and the United States who need an online presence. As far as the Big Spring Media team goes, we are the coolest, hippest, funniest people on the planet, and we love to help small businesses succeed on the Web.   If we can make the world better or your life easier by helping your small business market itself online, we’re happy. That’s what we’re about.